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G-FLIK was my first homebuilt aircraft project. It first flew in June 1984 and I am still enjoying flying it today. 


G-FLIK today.

One week into job. August 1979. Setting lower wing brackets. June 1980.

First trial rig. July 1981. 2nd trial rig at Raleigh bicycle works. Jan '83.

Painting fuselage. March 1983. Final trial assembly. October 1983.

First engine run. April 1984.  Setting of for Leicester Airport. May '84.

First Taxi. June 1984 First Flight. June 1984

PFA Rally July 1984. 1st Place Concours D'Elegance.

Leicester Airshow. Barry Tempest Flying. August 1984. With G-MINT at Leicester. September 1984.

G-FLIK in flight. PFA Rally July 1986. 1st Place Air Squadron Trophy- Best Homebuilt Aircraft.

Flying with friends. 1998 G-FLIK today.
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