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About Us

Aerographic was formed in 1994 in response to requests for various components and services which had been developed during the construction of my first Pitts Special homebuilt project, G-FLIK, and during various rebuild, finishing and construction jobs on aircraft belonging to friends. Leaving a senior management position in the bicycle industry, I started Aerographic which now focuses on three major disciplines; aircraft engineering work, aircraft finishing work and graphic design. 

On the aircraft engineering side, we manufacture aircraft sub-components, undertake rebuild and insurance repair work, and we offer advise and assistance during fabric covering and finishing work. We specialize in sport biplanes and aerobatic aircraft, and in particular the Pitts Special range. 

On the aircraft finishing and graphic design side, we can design and propose colour schemes to customer requirements and we offer a specialist vinyl cutting service for paint masks and self-adhesive lettering and schemes.  For finishing and graphic design work, we concentrate on the sport biplane and warbird industries, although we have created colour schemes for aircraft ranging from pre-war vintage types to executive jet fleets. 

This web site is a new departure for us and we are continuing to add content of interest to our customers and fellow sport aircraft enthusiasts.

Our spare time is spent flying our Pitts Specials and other sport biplanes.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our web site. 

Best wishes

Rob Millinship


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Last modified: April 21, 2009